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Show Me BBQ Sauce

It all started with a delicious handmade, small-batch gourmet BBQ sauce with a sweet, smoky flavor, with just the right amount of spice. The company was started in Columbia, Missouri in the early 1960’s by Dr. Harry Berrier, a veteran, veterinarian and avid inventor. After never finding a BBQ sauce that satisfied his taste, he decided to experiment with his own recipes. His homemade sauce was such a success, his friends convinced him to start bottling and selling it. Dr. Berrier and his wife Lina went on to run the Show Me BBQ Sauce company for over 40 years. Harry passed away in 2013 and Lina passed away in 2016. The company was entrusted to long-time employees to preserve the culture, expertise and quality of Show Me’s BBQ Sauce.

Unlike other sauces ours does not spoil or need refrigeration

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in Show Me BBQ Sauce.

The brand of liquid smoke we use in our sauce is a distilled product with no carcinogens. Show Me BBQ sauce does not contain any added fillers or preservatives, making the sauce more concentrated than the majority of others on the market. Fillers and preservatives do not add flavor, but only add bulk to the product and merely inflate profits.  Through this process we are proud to offer you a top tier product and ensure your satisfaction, rather than substitute inadequate, unnecessary ingredients.  Because of you, our patrons, we can continue to make the best BBQ Sauce on Earth.
Harry featured in the Columbia Senior Times with a bottle of Show Me BBQ Sauce

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Enrique, Tanner, Clark & Luisa

Don’t just take our word for it, the press loves our BBQ  sauce too!